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True Wealth is Health specialises in helping people overcome their health problems using natural diet and supplementation recommendations.

Dr Edward Devlin (BSc, PhD, S.N.H.S. Dip) – True Wealth is Health owner says:

You would be surprised how efficient the human body is at accelerating healing if given the correct nutrients it needs to carry out the healing process.

How this website works in three easy steps:

You tell us what your health challenge is.

We recommend a supplement protocol specific to your needs.

You purchase the recommended supplements and with your order will be a diet and supplement protocol for you to follow.

So don’t delay!

Get in touch and tell us what’s going on with your health so that we can put together a FREE health plan recommendation specific to your needs.



Already know what you want?

Then go ahead and order your own supplements and if you have any question just let us know.  

New products are being added all the time so please keep an eye out for our up and coming new additions.

Enhanced Nutritional Support

True Wealth is Health has been created to offer people a natural and powerful foundation to build their health upon.

The road back to health starts with the first step so start now and let ‘True Wealth is Health’ guide you on your journey. 

Have a look at our testimonials written by people who have experience of what has worked for them in overcoming their health challenges.


Our Happy Customers

Informative and passionate

After two months of being on these vitamins I noticed a dramatic difference in my mood, my diet and my body but above all else I felt better in myself.  I have slowly come down off some of my medication (after consulting my GP) and reduced my pain killers.

Ed has taught me to believe in my own body and take natural vitamins and minerals that help support my natural system.

Jackie Lloyd

Pain Completely Gone

I had suffered with excruciating pain in my heels for weeks and weeks. I saw Eddie and he gave me a prescription of vitamins and minerals. Two months later and the pain had gone completely.

Top lad! He knows what he’s talking about!

Kevin Bailey

Great Service

The best professional help and advice, I would highly recommend to anyone.

Paul H

Very Happy

I was able to wean off 10 years taking the antidepressant called Citalopram.
He also assisted me with weight loss supplements and advice last year and i lost 2 and 1/2 stone. I have never felt better. A massive thank you.

Claire S

Worked for me

Very informative, and helped me out on various things, with concern of health,. I would recommend his services to anyone.


Feeling Much Better

I heard about truewealthishealth through a friend of my husband, and after trying different and many prescribed and doctor orientated treatments I only noticed an improvement since I started taking the supplements suggested by Eddie at true wealth is health and after 3 months feeling much improved, super quality products and superb customer support and advice.

Paula Cooper


“My body feels more energetic and I feel much healthier. “

Since using your supplements my immune system has been so much better and I haven't suffered like I used to.  I absolutely love the Vitamin C tablets and flaxseed oil has worked wonders alongside the osteo vits.

Thank you for all your help.



“Thanks to ‘True wealth is Health’ I have never felt better.”

Superb company providing the best supplements and advice in a fast effective professional manor.  I will be back time after time for more great products and would highly recommend to anyone in the future!



“True Wealth is Health has transformed my life in many ways.”

After a few months following the advice, taking the formula of vitamins, minerals, tweaks to my lifestyle I was a new woman, energy picked up, health massively improved, I lost weight and feel on top of the world , it was the proof in the pudding!  It's the most rewarding thing I have ever done and recommend to anyone out there to go for it, I did and it's the best thing I ever did.

Thank you so very much!

Lisa Appleton


“My arthritis started to ease within 2 weeks and has remained under control”.

As promised my arthritis started to ease within 2 weeks and has remained under control by which I mean none existent due to the maintenance program put in place for me.  An unexpected but very pleasing side effect of the long term benefits of the 'Healthy Bone and Joint Super Pack' program is that my general health and wellbeing has increased greatly. The advice and support I have received has been invaluable in controlling my arthritis.

I would not hesitate in recommending highly this site to others.


“My overall health has improved immensely!”

Since beginning a program of various vitamins and the all-important minerals, my overall health has improved immensely. I no longer get cravings for sugary, fatty foods and my hormone levels seem to be the most stable in years. My hair and nails are better & I definitely have more energy.


Whiston Merseyside

“Massive thank you to True Wealth is Health!”

After getting nowhere using standard medical treatment for my condition, a friend recommended I give this website a look and I am glad I did.  After 5 months my life and health completely turned around and I no longer have to put up with taking medication and the side effects that go with them!

Thank You!!!



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